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In 2004, a guy who I don't know named Jeremy Abbate saw my website and wrote a song called "I Wanna Be As Cool As Jessica Barron." It still amuses me. Here's the mp3 and here are the lyrics.

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Yahoo counted me as a "cool person" from 1997-2001. How far have I fallen?!
Yahoo counted me among the "Cool People" in 1997-1998.
The internets have come a long way, baby...

March 16, 2010 Evolving Yoostar into the Future of Gaming
Last week the Yoostar team and I traveled to San Francisco to the Game Developers Conference (GDC) where we met with a number of gaming industry insiders to discuss our plans to evolve Yoostar into more of a "Social Video Game"™ over the next year. (Though we can't tell you our specific plans publicly yet, we will reveal more information at the E3 Gaming Expo in June 2010.) We can tell yoo that what we are planning is exciting and moves Yoostar into the future of gaming.

This Fall, console gaming as we know it will radically change when specialized add-on peripheral cameras for Sony's PlayStation 3 and Microsoft's Xbox 360 will enable motion control of select games.

Last week at GDC Sony officially announced that it is launching The Move™, PS3's wand-like motion controller that will work with PlayStation Eye camera to track the users' gestures during game play. If you haven't seen it yet, check out the video of the demo Sony gave last year at E3:

At last year's E3, Microsoft wowed gamers by showing off Project Natal, which is their code name for the depth-sensing camera add-on for Xbox 360 which will allow a completely controller-free gaming experience. Natal will be available in stores this October, and Microsoft plans to announce the real product name for Natal and a list of Natal titles at this year's E3. The demo that Microsoft gave last year at E3 made Natal look pretty amazing; check it out:

What do yoo think of these new motion controlled games that will be coming out later this year? Which products and games are yoo most excited about? Tweet your comments at me (I'm @p0pvulture), and let me know.


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