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In 2004, a guy who I don't know named Jeremy Abbate saw my website and wrote a song called "I Wanna Be As Cool As Jessica Barron." It still amuses me. Here's the mp3 and here are the lyrics.

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July 28, 2006 Pam Anderson is Actually Very Pretty
At the Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix in Monterey last weekend, Chris and I ended up standing 5 feet away from Pamela Anderson as she walked out of the pitts area and climbed into a car. Always quick on the draw, Chris captured 2 excellent photos of the soon-to-be Mrs. Kid Rock. pamela anderson smiles

Two things that surprised me about Pam Anderson:
1. She was truly wicked freakin hot. I was expecting her to look overly made up and tacky, kind of like Anna Nicole Smith. But here's the deal -- she's a really cute gal. She was wearing very little make up and a cute, simple black tank top. Even her chest didn't look ridiculously huge.

2. She was with a guy I didn't recognize, and the mystery guy was definitely not Kid Rock. It's not that big of a deal -- because I'm sure she has tons of male friends -- but I'm just wondering if anyone recognizes the guy. Take a look at the photo, and let me know who you think he is.

Shortly after seeing Pam, we saw Italian male model Fabio Lanzoni, known to most of the world as just... Fabio. Just as you might imagine, he's very tan and his long-hair was flowing in the breeze. This photo I took of Fabio and some "umbrella girls" is just like the cover of a romance novel. Or, errr, something...

But, what man can resist hanging out with umbrella girls?

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